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Processing your patient accounts promptly, improves both cash flow and overall collections.

Patient billing by most health-care providers occasionally bogs down, due to increased work loads. But, if this has happen to your account processes…Oregon Coast Billing Service would be your most effective solution.

For example, we can:


The depth of service depends on YOUR needs…

Patient account processing can be tailored to fit your particular operational needs exactly…from routine to full-depth billing.

All you have to do is furnish your patient charges (on appropriate billing forms)…we take care of everything else.


How we work...

Acting as your agent, OCBS assumes full responsibility for all billing and follow up for your private pay accounts.

OCBS does NOT institute, or threaten, legal action against any patient or responsibility party.

We fully understand the importance of your relationship with your patients. You can be sure our personnel NEVER offer medical advice or interpretations.


These are just a few of the direct benefits you will receive…



You may be surprised to discover there is NO "start-up" fee and we will not ask you to sign any long term agreement. OCBS wants to work for clients who are using our services because they are completely satisfied-not because they are tied to a long term contract

For additional information, a list of references, or a personalized proposal, contact our office. There is no obligation.